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Tips For Choosing The Best HDMI Cable for New HD TV

Best HDMI Kabel – Without strictly refers to a particular HDMI cable, but in general there are products out there that are insanely expensive. There are also products available that are just plain cheap and nasty. Best of all, there is a great quality that can be found at the right price. I’m not going to tell you that every single HDMI cable out there is a blatant rip nor will I try to declare that any low cost option is cheap and nasty. There are too many variables to cover in this case. It is a happy medium (good quality with low price) that I want to concentrate here in this article.

So what makes a HDMI cable ? As a basic summary, High Speed ​​? ? HDMI cable with Ethernet , which is often referred to as V1.4 HDMI cable (although this is technically incorrect name and we will discuss this in more detail shortly) consists of 5 main separately insulated twisted pairs each each with a wire discharge and also four other separately insulated conductors. This makes a total of 19 conductors. Outside of the bottom conductor is a shield covering PVC matting that usually also have another drain wire.

Most high quality Audio Visual Cable will use Oxygen Free Copper conductors while cheap cables can use materials such as copper clad aluminum ( CCA ) because it is generally cheaper to manufacture. Perhaps the most important factor in terms of performance is the HDMI wire gauge conductors. What this basically refers to is the thickness of the cable  It becomes very important for long anymore. The length is more than 5m begin to have an impact. However, it is when the length 10m and above are used which is becoming more important. Electrical signals by nature will weaken. This means that the more distance the signal will gradually lose strength.

The Best HDMI Cabel

The Best HDMI Cabel

The HDMI cable will typically range from 30AWG to 24AWG. Several varieties of extreme budget can use 32AWG (or thinner) conductors. It is also important to note here that the lower number the same as the thick cable. For example, 30AWG and 24AWG is thin conductor is the conductor thickness.

Best HDMI Cable – As a minimum 30AWG usually ok up to about 5m, 28AWG can be driven to a maximum of about 10m, 26AWG can be quite up to 15m and for what has been a long 24AWG almost essential. However, the above is the bare minimum. For guaranteed performance, our recommendation to 4m 28AWG, 26AWG to 24AWG whatever 9m and 10m or more. Sometimes when approaching a distance of 20m or more, active solutions such as HDMI Repeater or Extender necessary as a passive cable may not be adequate. Please also note that these guidelines are based on current technology. With rumors circulating 4K resolution (Ultra HD – 3840 x 2160 pixels), this will almost certainly make the requirements for quality HDMI cables even more important.

Shielding of HDMI cables can also be very important. However, this is a topic that is less complicated and basically any quality HDMI cable should have three layers of shielding. Please note that the above guidelines only our recommendations and actual results may differ depending on the configuration involved. With regard to the different versions of HDMI, the HDMI cable previously called the version number. However, HDMI Licensing has now removed it and replace the number with five categories. This is a Standard HDMI Cable, Standard HDMI Cable with Ethernet, Standard Automotive HDMI Cable, HDMI Cable High Speed ​​or High Speed ​​?  HDMI cable with Ethernet.

The Best HDMI Cable for New HD TV

HDMI Licensing has certification standards in place and also offers HDMI adopter program. Each supplier quality HDMI cable is ready to be able to supply the relevant certification upon request. If you happen to find any that are not able to offer this certification, our recommendation would be that you should be weary quality that may be offered. We hope this has given you some key points to help you get better value for money when shopping for accessories such as HDMI cables to go with the High Definition TV.

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