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Kabel Deutschland acquires in-house networks in Berlin

Cable Germany (KD) has acquired the cable network operator BMH Berlin Media House GmbH (BMH) from the housing company GSW Immobilien AG (GSW) February 1, 2011th The BMH, previously ... Continue Reading →

High Speed Kabel Internet at even more favorable prices

Reduced prices for high-speed Internet: up to 100 Mbit / s (100,000 kbit / s) can surf the web new customers with cable Germany now already for 19.90 euros per month. After the minimum ... Continue Reading →

Kabel 100 Mbit/s now available for business customers

High-speed Internet for professional use: with cable Germany, there is now an up to 100 Mbit / s Fast Internet package for business customers. The “Internet Business 100” ... Continue Reading →

Kabel Deutschland builds fiber backbone

A glass-fiber-based ring network (so-called backbone) will in future connect all regional network nodes of the kabel TV network, Kabel Deutschland together. To this end, the company ... Continue Reading →
Kabel Deutschland Germany

Kabel Deutschland : Music Flatrate for Free

Kabel Deutschland | Listen to Free Music: Visitors to the Germany-cable customer portal can now conveniently online access to over 6.2 million tracks. Because Germany’s largest ... Continue Reading →

Highspeed Internet for Dresden, Potsdam and Wuerzburg

The expansion of the super-fast Internet continues: now offering Kabel Deutschland (KD) in Dresden, Potsdam and Würzburg high-speed Internet at. With up to 100 Mbit / s can surf ... Continue Reading →
Kabel Deutschland Internet

Kabel Deutschland : 100 Mbit / s for Berlin and Saarbruecken

Kabel Deutschland : Surfing with up to 100 Mbit / s on the Internet: Immediately offers cable Germany (KD) in Berlin and Saarbrücken high-speed Internet at. Around 1.8 million households ... Continue Reading →

Fast Internet changes online behavior

Fast internet access change the online behavior: This is the result of a representative online survey by market research firm Ipsos on behalf of kabel deutschland. Almost a third of ... Continue Reading →

Kabel Deutschland successfully tests 1 Gbit/s

Kabel Deutschland (KD) successfully achieved a download speed of 1,170 Mbit/s (1,17 Gbit/s) with the television cable network as the first cable operator world-wide. In conjunction ... Continue Reading →
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Kabel TV : High Speed ​​Internet for calbe

Kabel Deutschland modernized the Calbenser TV cable network. The investments the transmission capacity of the network is increased. At the same time, the necessary conditions for ... Continue Reading →