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Cable continues to offer analogue TV

If on 1 May 2012, our black screen? The issues currently many viewers. According to media reports the distribution of analogue television programs via satellite is set on 30 April 2012 ... Continue Reading →

New Kabel Broadband Network for GESOBAU Houses

Cable Germany (KD) and the Berlin housing company Gesobau supply from 1 January 2012, the Märkisches Viertel and Weddinger Quartier Schillerhohe first time in Berlin and exclusively ... Continue Reading →

Kabel 100 Mbit/s for another one million households

Sustainable super-fast Internet for more than 1 million new households: from 23 March provides cable Germany (KD) in Augsburg, Leipzig, Ludwigshafen, Nauen and Nuremberg Internet connections ... Continue Reading →

Kabel Deutschland supplies highspeed Internet for Ludwigshafen

Sustainable high-speed Internet for Ludwigshafen: from 23 March 2011 offers cable Germany (KD) in Ludwigshafen and neighboring municipalities Internet connections with up to 100 Mbit ... Continue Reading →

Kabel HDTV: Kabel Deutschland Adds Sky Sport HD 2

Ab heute erweitert Kabel Deutschland (KD) das Kabel HDTV-Programmangebot um den Sender Sky Sport HD 2 von Sky Deutschland. Dieses HD-Programm wird in Ausbaugebieten auf dem Kanal D626 ... Continue Reading →

Kabel Broadband network supplies inhabitants of WG

Cable Germany (KD) is now taking a new broadband network for about 6,300 dwellings of housing co-operative “UNIT” eG Chemnitz in operation. Thus the residents have access ... Continue Reading →

Kabel Deutschland acquires in-house networks in Berlin

Cable Germany (KD) has acquired the cable network operator BMH Berlin Media House GmbH (BMH) from the housing company GSW Immobilien AG (GSW) February 1, 2011th The BMH, previously ... Continue Reading →

High Speed Kabel Internet at even more favorable prices

Reduced prices for high-speed Internet: up to 100 Mbit / s (100,000 kbit / s) can surf the web new customers with cable Germany now already for 19.90 euros per month. After the minimum ... Continue Reading →

How To Reduce your mobile costs

Ready for spring: The new mobile action of cable Germany customers can save around 88 euros and so reduce their mobile costs. After all, who added an Internet connection and telephone ... Continue Reading →

Kabel Deutschland builds fiber backbone

A glass-fiber-based ring network (so-called backbone) will in future connect all regional network nodes of the kabel TV network, Kabel Deutschland together. To this end, the company ... Continue Reading →