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Operational Performance Of Kabel Deutschland

Kabel Deutschland – In fiscal year 2013/14, Kabel Deutschland achieved a step-up in the net adds run-rate of its Internet & Phone products. With 329 thousand subscriber net adds the Company beat last year’s figure when it grew by 308 thousand subscribers. In total, 2,271 thousand customers subscribed to the Company’s Internet & Phone products by the end of March 2014. Kabel Deutschland has further improved its subscriber mix: the top-tier 100 Mbit/s offering is the Company’s bestselling product with approx. 50% of new customers taking this high-end product. The total blended Internet & Phone ARPU decreased slightly to €27.50 (previous year: €28.27), attributable to the continued pressure on the variable ARPU component, which declined by €1.12 year on year to €3.31 per month, driven by a decline in call minutes and regulatory changes in termination rates. In contrast, the fixed ARPU component continues to increase steadily due to the improved subscriber mix and reached €24.20 per month in fiscal year 2013/14 (previous year: €23.85).

Kabel Deutschland Operational Performance

Kabel Deutschland Operational Performance

Growth of the Premium TV business continued on a more moderate level with 232 thousand RGU net adds year on year with a recovery in the second half. The Company added 79 thousand RGUs in the first half which was impacted by the un-encryption of private SD channels and extraordinary churn of Kabel BW Pay TV wholesale customers. The Company added 153 thousand RGUs in the second half. In total, Premium TV RGUs grew to 2,302 thousand at the end of March 2014. HD Private(14) increased to 1,714 thousand activated smartcards (versus 1,259 thousand one year earlier). As a result of a better subscriber mix and growing Premium TV penetration, the total blended TV ARPU per subscriber improved to €10.77 in fiscal year 2013/14, up by €0.40 or 3.9% from €10.37 in the previous year.

Kabel Deutschland’s direct subscriber base expanded to 7.6 million (plus 21 thousand net adds year on year) out of a total of 8.3 million unique subscribers. The overall RGU base increased by 565 thousand or 3.9% from the previous year and totalled 14.9 million at the end of March 2014. Due to the rising penetration of New Services, the RGU per subscriber ratio climbed to 1.79 (1.69 one year ago) and the total blended ARPU per subscriber increased to €17.11, up by €1.24 or 7.8% year on year.

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