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Kabel TV cable networks in Germany Acquires Mainz and Osnabrück

The largest German cable network operator Kabel Germany (KD) is responsible for customer contracts and the home networks in the television cable networks of the cities of Mainz and Osnabrück from primacom. This change approximately 30,000 cable households in and around Mainz and about 40,000 in Osnabrück from primacom directly to cable Germany.

Customers transition from primacom to cable Germany: In Mainz and Osnabrück does not change the existing TV signal

Today the corresponding contracts for the acquisition of a total of approximately 70,000 customers relationships between cable Germany and primacom were signed, which is subject to the approval of the Federal Cartel Office. On television signal of the customer nothing changes because primacom has also been already circulated the TV signal from cable Germany. Through the acquisition of customer contracts by cable Germany, the products, kabel Internet ‘and’ cable telephony ‘of cable Germany will soon also be available for these customers for the first time, that is speed Internet and phone calls over the TV cable.

No action for the customer – everything is business as usual

for customers of primacom in Mainz Osnabrück and no action is required. The existing contracts and the channel assignment in the kabel tv remain valid. Cable Germany informed the customer at a later date in detail.

Kabel Deutschland Feed Kabel HDTV

Kabel Deutschland Feed Kabel HDTV

66 € Bonus with high speed Internet

“High Speed ​​Bonus” promotion for year-end business: Cable Germany (KD) rewarded particularly strong-selling dealer with an additional bonus. All traders who increase their internet, phone and TV’s degrees compared to the previous period receive, for each additional new contract a success fee of 66 euros. Be placed opposite that reached by August 30 to October 16 accounts with the total number of new contracts in the period from 15 November to 31 December. To get the additional bonus, the number of Internet, telephone and television contracts total must be greater than the settlement amount of the previous period. Can back up the “High Speed ​​bonus” to all retailers of distributions Brodos AG / my-eXtra, ENO telecom, Herweck AG, KOMSA AG, Michael Telecom AG, municall new communication GmbH and NT plus GmbH and collaborations Electronic Partner GmbH and EURONICS Germany eG . Every dealer that partner has the opportunity to participate in the action. For more information purchased by dealers from their counterparts of the respective distribution / collaboration in which the dealer portal or directly from cable Germany-field.

“In the pre-Christmas period, distributors are one of the main supporting pillars of our business,” said Dr. Marc K. Mikulcik, Vice President Retail at cable Germany. “Many customers attach great importance to a competent and personal advice. It is therefore particularly important for us to reward successful salespeople for their commitment.” is a website that collects various types of cables from various sources on the Internet. There are Kabel Deutschland, BW, HDMI, TV, USB, Receiver, DSL Speedtest


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