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The Best Kabel Modem is the Motorola SB6141

Kabel Modem – The SB6141 now has 1 ethernet output port and the image has been updated to reflect that. This isn’t an issue for most people since you probably have a router for Wi-Fi anyway. It also got $30 cheaper so buying one makes more sense than ever. Recently, Time Warner Cable joined the ranks of Comcast and Cox by charging $4 a month to lease one of their subpar (read: dated) kabel modems. Here’s one way of getting around it, as noted in “How to Beat Time Warner’s Bullsh*t Modem Rental Fee.” (To be fair, Comcast and Cox have been charging subscribers a whopping $7 a month to lease kabel modems for some time.)

Should you decide to buy a modem as a Time Warner customer, it’ll take 23 months to recoup the cost of buying a modem like the SB6141, and at the other two carriers it only takes 13 months—not to mention you can always sell the modem if you ever decide to for a few bucks. Let’s assume you want the most future-proof kabel modem currently available and that you’re subscribed to a fairly high-speed service plan. If those two variables are checked off, then the SB6141 is the right choice for you. Why? For starters, It’s approved for use with Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Cox. It earned 75% five-star reviews on Amazon and the lowest percentage of one-star reviews at 3.1.

Best Kabel Modem is the Motorola

Best Kabel Modem is the Motorola

In’s FAQ about which kabel modem they’d recommend, their answer is officially this:

“I would have to update this question every week, so I won’t provide a list here. Let’s just say that Motorola Surfboard line seems to be the favorite among a lot of people right now.” To back that up, the Comcast community on has been the most vocal about the topic and consistently recommended or concluded that one of Motorola’s Surfboard modems is the best in annual polls since 2004. And according to Jeff Heynen an analyst at Infonetics, a telecom market research firm, the 6141 is the most popular DOCSIS 3.0 kabel modem in terms of units sold.

How about competing modems?

First off, avoid anything that’s a hybrid kabel modem/wireless router (otherwise known as a gateway). They can be hard to troubleshoot and if yours kicks the bucket, you’ll be left without any Internet service at all until a replacement can be found. Other notable contenders include the Zoom 5341J, which is a popular one amongst the Comcast and Cox crowd but not quite as popular or written about as Motorola’s Surfboard line.

Given that the 6141’s closest competitor is the previous generation 6121, which has been around much longer and has more street cred, we picked the 6141 because it is, in theory, a faster portal. The 6141 can bond eight downstream channels and four upstream channels (8×4) topping out at over 300 Mbps down and 100 Mbps up, whereas the 6121 only supports four-channel bonding (4×4) both ways, reaching speeds of up to 160 Mbps down. It also only costs $10 extra so you might as well spend a little extra now to futureproof your setup.

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