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Kabel Germany Continuously Grows

Kabel Deutschland – The leading German cable network operator Kabel Germany (KDG) shows continued unaffected by the economic and financial crisis and to show strong growth in customer numbers, revenue and profit. The Company continued after nine months of fiscal year 2009/2010 (April 1 to December 31) sales by 9.3 percent to 1.114 billion euros (previous year: 1.019 billion Euro) increase. The operating result (EBITDA) increased by 13.8 percent to 486.4 million euros (previous year: 427.3 million euros). The net profit was 23.1 million euros (previous year: net loss of 48.6 million euros). Again, the areas of Internet and telephony were the strongest growth driver.

Cable Internet & Phone: Significant increases in
the number of cable Internet and phone subscriptions rose by 48.6 percent to 1.84 million. Particularly successful, the so-called new services developed consisting of pay-TV, digital video recorder (DVR), Internet and phone, whose share of total subscriptions is now 24.2 percent (previous year: 19.2 percent). The number of premium TV services (pay TV and DVRs) increased by over 10 percent and recorded December 31, 2009 1,039,000 subscriptions (previous year: 940 400). The total number of KDG subscriptions rose by 542,000 to 11.93 million, representing an increase of 4.8 percent.

Kabel Deutschland Operational Performance

Kabel Deutschland Operational Performance

Revenue per customer increased again
The average monthly revenue per user (ARPU) increased significantly to 12.30 euros (previous year: € 11.22) can be increased. In this case, the proportion of those customers who have booked more than one product of KDG, again: Average subscribed to a cable customer now Germany 1.33 products. On December 31, 2008, there were 1.25 products. This underlines the attractiveness unchanged KDG products. A strong growth drivers were the new services, especially in the areas of Internet and telephony. The total number of KDG customers remained almost stable at around 8.9 million.

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