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Kabel Digital : “Servus TV” Extends KDG’s digital free TV Offer

Please note: The full text of this press release is available in German only.

  1. Germany Cable extends the digital free TV service to a new station from Austria
  2. Servus TV shows culture, nature, entertainment, sports and information from the Alps and Danube-Adriatic area and much more
  3. Start: February 2010

Servus TV is in SD now in Freeview digital TV offering cable Germany (KDG). The Austrian station offers culture, home, nature, entertainment, sports and information from the Alps and Danube-Adriatic region The range of comprehensive coverage ranges from local to international issues.

Since the first of October 2009 on the air

On the first of October last year was at 17:25 clock Servus TV for the first time in Austria on the air. The TV station, part of the Red Bull Media House GmbH, offers an ad-supported 24-hour program.

The programs at Servus TV

Servus TV provides comprehensive information: The Austrian channel provides, for example, reports on events and sporting events. The themes of culture and cuisine are missing just as news from the fields of cinema and music. And even regional news from Austria and Customs programs and literature are offered at Servus TV.

kabel digital tv

Kabel Digital TV


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