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Kabel Digital : New digital HD-DVR Available Starting Today

Kabel Digital | Cable brings Germany today with the “RCI88-320 KDG” Sagemcom a new digital and HD-capable video recorder (HD-DVR) on the market. Both new customers and existing customers can order the new offer (2). The thousands of visitors and experts at the International Consumer Electronics Fair (IFA) in Berlin make it very clear: The interest in digital television, new functionalities and high picture and sound quality is great. Delayed and self-determined (entlinearisiertes) television are all the rage and prepare a lot of fun on television, ie during programs continue, repeat, fast forward, or revisit it later further scenes.

New viewing experience: Innovative functionality and best HD quality

The new HD Digital Video Recorder with HDMI output can show HD broadcasts and record. For this purpose, the HD-DVR over a hard disk with a capacity of 320 GB up to 200 hours of television can be recorded and viewed later. TV lovers, families and art enthusiasts alike will appreciate the advanced recording features and ease of use of the device. The new HD-DVR has four tuners, which looked at a program and three other items that are not copy-protected, can be recorded in parallel. Alternatively, four – also simultaneously running – programs are recorded when no program is viewed live.


So you missed anything. If you still have programmed more shipments as possible while continuing to record, the new HD-DVR automatically posts a repeat of the program (if any), and thus fulfills the customer’s requirements. Very handy is comfortable shooting. If you are a fan of, crime scene ‘is, for example, so you can program the DVR that all Tatort’ broadcasts are recorded. This ensures that there is no repetition of the same program are recorded. Furthermore, the search functions were optimized by Program (Search by genre, title, actor). Of course, this new HD DVR, a fourteen-day electronic program guide (EPG), so that the customer is always well informed about which program highlights run when.

Push for the use of digital television

The new HD Digital Video Recorder also proves sustainability, as it the first access platform for also planned this year, video-on-demand service (VOD, available on-demand online video library for cable customers) is from cable Germany. “Many customers who have acquired a DVR, it will not want at home. The delayed and even certain television and the new convenient functionalities provides consumers with a whole new viewing experience. And by the way also decreases the customers the threshold to switch from analogue to digital television. The DVR is thus also drive the use of digital television ahead. Like we expect from our video-on-demand service that starts the end of the year, “says Christian Constant, Vice President of New Products TV, with cable Germany. Here you can get a spot on the new digital HD video recorders from kabel deutschland View on

All important information on the new HD DVR at a glance:

  • HDTV with HDMI – for best image quality
  • 320-gigabyte hard drive – up to 200 hours of recording time
  • 4 Tuner – simultaneously watch a program and record up to three programs, or four programs simultaneously record
  • Timeshifting – pause, fast forward, watch TV. With pause and repeat scenes
  • EPG – the 14-day electronic program guide
  • For personal program archive, no other media is necessary
  • Universal Remote Control – easy to use, easy navigation through menus – only one remote control for DVR and TV
  • Selectable Standby Power Save Mode

(1) Copy-protected programs (eg, Select Kino, redXclub) can not be recorded.
(2) information on the costs and opportunities at Cable Germany, see the fact sheet on the new HD DVR. is a website that collects various types of cables from various sources on the Internet. There are Kabel Deutschland, BW, HDMI, TV, USB, Receiver, DSL Speedtest


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