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Kabel Deutschland : Spend Less for One Year with Double flat rate

Fresh wind in the telecommunications market: As of now there are many new savings from Kabel Deutschland. The up to 32 Mbit / s high-speed Internet and phone product is now available for 19.90 euros a month – and during the entire minimum contract period of 12 months. The price of the very popular among the customers “Internet & Telephone 32” after that is regularly 29,90 € per month. With up to 32 Mbit / s users surf the Internet twice as fast as with 16 Mbit / s DSL.

In addition to an Internet flat rate customers to benefit from a landline phone connection and free calls to the German fixed network. In addition, online ordering of internet and telephone packages until September 14 will receive a credit in the amount of 50 Euros for their account. Another advantage to For all Internet products on top of that free the new generation (D-Link DIR-615) a wireless router for wireless surfing the net. With the modernized coaxial cable fiber optic , kabel internet of Germany speeds of up to 100 Mbit / s or more are possible.

Kabel Deutschland Recent Developments

Kabel Deutschland Recent Developments

An increasing number of customers is thus already prepared for the rapidly increasing requirements to be met by efficient and sustainable Internet connections. kabel TV, Internet and telephony are independently booked. So it’s no cable connection contract necessary to use an Internet and phone product. For each service is an extra bandwidth is available: High quality and reliability are ensured. The offer period is valid for orders of new customers by the beginning of November 2010.

Products with reduced prices for bargain hunters and speed fans

introduced also for the in August, up to 6 Mbit / s high-speed Internet and phone product drops immediately the price during the minimum contract term: “Internet & Telephone 6 plus” will cost 17.90 Euro monthly. This is one of the cheapest deals on the market. The regular price is 24.90 euros. Fans of Turbo Internet with up to 60 Mbit / s or up to 100 Mbit / s in the benefit for already modernized networks also of an interesting new offer: “Internet & Telephone 60” fall per month 24,90 € instead of 39, 90 EUR to. “Internet & Telephone 100” is available for 29,90 € instead of 49,90 € per month. All reduced rates apply during the entire minimum contract period of 12 months. With Internet speeds up to 60 Mbit / s or up to 100 Mbit / s customers can also comfortably surf the net when several residents of a household use at the same time with the computer, laptop or mobile phone to access the Internet at home. For example, if movies and videos downloaded or large image files uploaded, high bandwidths are essential.

Short minimum contract term also for pure Internet terminals

Who phoned exclusively with mobile phone / smart phone or want to conclude a contract bundle, not have to do without fast internet. Because cable Germany is one of the few providers that can also book Internet connections without landline telephone connection with the customer. “Internet 6” and “Internet 32” have now, like any other product, a minimum contract period of only 12 months.

Cable modem and installation are free

which is necessary for the Internet connection and telephone installation of a cable modem including a telephone adapter is free by a service technician. Who wants to be very flexible and fast, the means of the internet and telephone connection – if technically feasible – also make yourself. This is possible within an average of about three days. The cable modem is provided to customers during the contract period at no cost. In matters of technical customer service is always free phone on 0800/52 666 25. is a website that collects various types of cables from various sources on the Internet. There are Kabel Deutschland, BW, HDMI, TV, USB, Receiver, DSL Speedtest


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