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The Best Kabel Deutschland Speedtest

Kabel in English called the cable is a tool that is used to transmit signals from one place to another. Cable along with its development over time is composed of various types and sizes that distinguish one another. Based on the type, the cable splits into 3 copper cable (copper), coaxial cable, and fiber optic cables.

In general, the cable has a function as a transmission medium that serves to accelerate the delivery of messages. Each cable has specialized functions different. The copper wire is often used as a link to the telephone network and Ethernet. We use a coaxial cable to the television and radio. Meanwhile, our fiber optic cable is often used as a tangle of connecting subsea (underwater lines) is a transmission medium between the ocean, qube, and videos pay per view.

Kabel Deutschland is the largest producer of the cable television operator in Germany. Kabel Deutschland is subject to a hostile takeover bid by Vodafone Group Plc in September 2013 , the deal was approved in December 2013 and completed on January 29, 2014. Kabel Deutschland GmbH ( KDG ), operates in 13 of the 16 States in the country of Germany; all but Baden – Württemberg, North Rhine -Westphalia and Hesse. In 2006, of the 15.4 million households passed through their cable company served 9.6 million, but only one-third of whom are direct customers of Kabel Deutschland, because especially in a large apartment complex in – house cable network owned by the cable company’s service or a housing association.

Kabel Deutschland Speedtest

Kabel Deutschland Speedtest

Kabel Deutschland Speedtest was founded in January 1999 by the former German telecommunications monopoly Deutsche Telekom Deutsche Telekom operates as Cable Services GmbH ( DeTeKS ) to spin off the entire cable television business as required by laws and regulations. Cable network is established from the mid-1980s by the German federal post office, and the predecessor of Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Bundespost. Kabel Deutschland is broken down into nine regional companies, three of which are sold to other investors until 2002. Remaining six sold in 2003 for U.S. investment firm Providence Equity Partners, Apax Partners and Goldman Sachs Capital Partners. From February 2006 to September 2010, Kabel Deutschland is majority-owned by Providence Equity Partners.

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