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Kabel Deutschland Save more than 100 Euro with new mobile offers

The mobile campaign is entering the next round: Immediately customers of cable Germany can save their cell phone bills over 100 euros. Because under the new action, it is possible to transmit telephone Ostergrüße thanks billing adjustments and free text messages for free. This may include all customer benefit, expand an internet and telephone connection of cable Germany to the mobile phone tariff Mobile Phone. You will receive a bill credit of ten euros, plus 75 free SMS per SIM card ordered. Makes a customer from all five bookable of SIM cards use him a total invoice balances amounting to 50 euros and 375 free SMS messages are available. It is worthwhile, for example, to distribute SIM cards to friends or family members, because calls with Mobile Phone within the fixed and mobile networks of cable Germany in Germany are always free of charge. From this “Easter Special” can also benefit already active mobile customers when they book more SIM cards. Orders must be made by April 19, 2011th Not later than 31 May, the activation of the Action SIM card is required. The invoice balances is valid indefinitely for the customer. More information can be found at or


Comprehensive communication offering for home and away
Neither a monthly fee payable for the mobile Product is at a minimum turnover. Also there is no minimum contract period for Mobile Phone. Pro SIM card, the one-time provisioning fee amounts to 9.90 euros. The mobile tariffs are exclusive offers for internet and telephone customers of cable Germany. You can add up to a comprehensive communications offering its Internet and telephone packages so easy and inexpensive. The product “Internet & Telephone 32”, for example, offers an Internet flat rate with a maximum download speed of 32 Mbit / s for only 19.90 euros per month. After the minimum contract term of 12 months falling to 29.90 euros per month. Part of the product is also a telephone flat rate, free make calls to the German fixed network with the customer.

Please note: The full text of this press release is available in German only.

  • Lower phone costs thanks to free mobile calls and SMS
  • Exclusively for customers of cable Germany is a website that collects various types of cables from various sources on the Internet. There are Kabel Deutschland, BW, HDMI, TV, USB, Receiver, DSL Speedtest


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