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Kabel Deutschland will be purchased Vodafone Worth $10 M

Kabel Deutschland – British mobile phone giant, Vodafone , on Monday said that they intend to buy Kabel Deutschland, Germany’s largest cable operator valued at 7.7 billion euros. Kabel Deutschland is a well-known German cable provider, which provides television, telephone and extensive services to approximately 8.5 million households in 13 of the 16 German federal states.

Vodafone said in a statement that they would offer shareholders Kabel Deutschland 87 euros per share. The offer includes the purchase price of 84.50 euros per share plus a dividend of 2.50 euros announced by Kabel Deutschland in February.

Kabel Deutschland will be purchased Vodafone


Kabel Deutschland Vodafone

Kabel Deutschland shares closed at 84.10 euros on Friday. Management board and supervisory Kabel Deutschland “welcomed the deal, (and) intends to recommend to shareholders Kabel Deutschland to accept the offer,” said Vodafone. Kabel Deutschland will give Vodafone “attractive platform for TV and fixed broadband services in Germany and creating a well-known carrier that is integrated with sales revenues worth nearly 11.5 billion euros ” the statement said.

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