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Kabel Deutschland : Program Changes in Analogue Cable Network

Kabel Deutschland must end the use of the analog cable channels S04/05 according to the security radio Protection Ordinance (SchuTSEV). This measure has changes in the analog range of programs leading to: In consultation with the broadcasters ARD analogue broadcasting a public third party program in each state set. In addition, private TV channels are routed to broadcast in analog channel division or off. The implementation of the SchuTSEV takes place gradually in the period from 2 August to no later than 20 November 2010.

All cable operators will have analog assignment of channels S04 and S05 terminate

Due to mandatory statutory provisions, all cable operators S04 and S05 terminate the use of the analog channels later this year nationwide. The security of radio-protection ordinance regulates the protection of transmitting and receiving radio systems that operate in defined frequency ranges for security purposes, such as air traffic control radio. This leads, depending on where you live at different Kanalumbelegungen in analog TV offer.

Kabel Deutschland Germany

Kabel Deutschland Germany

All those programs continue to be received digitally

all programs, including the third party programs ARD – continue to receive in digital quality picture and sound. Due to legal requirements ARTE will also be aired in future into the analog cable offer around the clock (not yet in Lower Saxony). Cable customers will be informed generally about seven days before the change over tickers on the respective channels and most far-reaching. Information for remapping and the future analog channel assignment can customers for their address under the specially decorated Link / kanalumbelegung query about a week before the start of the technical realization of the Internet. Information on services provided by cable Germany are also the service center by calling 01805 23 33 25 (14 cents / min. From the German landline. Maximum 42 cents / min. From German mobile networks). In case of reception interference to cable customers contact our technical customer service toll free 0800/52 666 25.

Please note: The full text of this press release is available in German only.

  • Implementation of the safety func-Protection Ordinance
  • Analogue switch-off of a public third party program per federal and private TV channels
  • All those programs continue to be received digitally

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