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Kabel Deutschland offers HDTV: What soccer fans need to know

Kabel Deutschland – Just in time for the World Cup are the HDTV programs of public broadcasters throughout the television kabel internet cable from Germany. Well football fans, the games shown there, the German national team in razor-sharp images with brilliant colors and enjoy with optimal contrast. The difference to the conventional television picture convinces immediately: Who once high-definition television (HDTV) has seen, will never actually return “”. The number of those who put on the new generation of television, therefore, is growing daily. For cable customers switch to HDTV is simple and brings the World Cup atmosphere directly into the living room: The HDTV programming by ARD, ZDF and ARTE also can be received with a digital cable connection with cable Germany unencrypted and without additional cost. Football fans need is a HD-ready TV set and a receiver for the HD signal (HD receiver). Even with TV sets with integrated digital receivers (iDTV), the Football World Cup to be enjoyed in HDTV quality.

FIFA World Cup on Public TV

FIFA World Cup on Public TV

What are the advantages of HDTV?

Common football fun with friends and family with the super sharp HD television more exciting and entertaining. No Standing in the back row at the public viewing and no rain can spoil the pleasure of football. Compared to conventional television, the images set with HDTV out five times more picture elements together, ie, the image resolution is higher and the TV picture is thus sharper, dot accurate and detailed. The colors appear richer, and the contours are clearer.

What football fans need to consider in terms of technology?

Please note: The full text of this press release is available in German only.

  • HDTV programs of public broadcasters available with all the games of the national team throughout the kabel tv
  • Customers need cable-ready HD TV and HD receiver or HD TV with integrated digital receiver (IDTV)

CRT TVs are not suitable for the reception of HDTV. The label “HD ready” or “Full HD” in modern TVs and flat panel indicates that the model can handle TV signals in high resolution such as in 720 p or 1080 i. stands in the living room no HD TV with built-in digital receiver (IDTV) is to receive the HD channels “Das Erste HD”, “ZDF HD” as well as “ARTE HD ‘a HD receiver required. Germany Cable offers its customers recently own HD receiver offer: the Humax NA-HD 2000C. This can represent both conventional SD television signals (“standard definition”) and HD signals (“High Definition”). It is even simpler if the TV is already equipped with a digital receiver for kabel tv. With these integrated TV sets (iDTV) the football matches of the German team from South Africa can be received directly in HD quality – a separate HD receiver and a remote control thus be omitted.

After the game is before the game

Even after the World Cup Germany is the kabel hd programs of public broadcasters ARD, ZDF and ARTE still transmitted unencrypted. In addition, the range of HD programs will be continuously developed and expanded. Who decides in favor of HD television via cable, focuses on the future.

More about the offers and prices

Interested parties can the availability of HD programs simply – Keyword: Television – Channel overview check. More about the offers and prices of cable Germany are also on the Internet or in the service center by calling 01805 23 33 25 (0.14 € / minute from German fixed network, max. 0.42 € / min from the German mobile networks). is a website that collects various types of cables from various sources on the Internet. There are Kabel Deutschland, BW, HDMI, TV, USB, Receiver, DSL Speedtest


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