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Kabel Deutschland : Music Flatrate for Free

Kabel Deutschland | Listen to Free Music: Visitors to the Germany-cable customer portal can now conveniently online access to over 6.2 million tracks. Because Germany’s largest kabel internet operator cooperates with the music streaming platform simfy. Under / porch, in the field of entertainment / music, get all interested parties on the website of free music flatrate. There, they can create unlimited and legal digital music collection with over 400,000 albums to hear. The diverse range consists of current titles and classics all from jazz, classical, pop, rock to pop. Users also have the option of an unlimited number of playlists with hits by artists such as Bon Jovi, compile Fantastic Four or Lady Gaga online. They also listen to selected new album before its official re-release.

Kabel Deutschland Germany

Kabel Deutschland Germany

The powerful and fast streaming method of simfy ensures that the tracks are played in excellent quality via the Internet on the PC. If you register by February 28, 2011 for the free music flatrate can take part in an exclusive raffle. You can win inter alia an Apple iPad and a 12-month Premium Membership by simfy. The commercial-free premium version is otherwise chargeable. It offers more titles as well as practical applications for the home PC and the smartphone on the go.It enables users to listen to music on their iPhone, for example.

Select Custom radio program

The free music flatrate also has a radio function for an individual request program: Give users their favorite artists, like artist are displayed. On the website of the free offer there will also be the most frequently played tracks own cable Germany charts.

Listen to music on the move on your smartphone

With the paid premium music flat rate of simfy clients receive practical additional functions. So you stand on a commercial-free site next to 6.2 million songs and hundreds of thousands of songs from the record company Warner Music available.Part of this “special music” package include artists such as Madonna, Jay-Z and Peter Fox. There is also a desktop application that users can download to their PC themselves. Customers benefit with the program of many comfortable setting to browse artists, albums or songs, create playlists or use the radio function. With the mobile application, there is the possibility of traveling to listen to music online with your smartphone. Consumers will also have access to the devices without an Internet connection on their playlists. In a period of just four weeks, the monthly price for the premium music flat rate of simfy is 9.99 euros. is a website that collects various types of cables from various sources on the Internet. There are Kabel Deutschland, BW, HDMI, TV, USB, Receiver, DSL Speedtest


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