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Kabel Deutschland Introduces “Kabel Digital Home HD”

Kabel Deutschland : As of today, six HD FOX HD, National Geographic Channel HD, SPORT1 + HD, Syfy HD, TNT HD and TNT Serie HD movie in the digital program package Kabel Digital Home HD are ‘included. When, Kabel Digital Home HD ‘replace the above broadcast in HD channels, the corresponding SD of the existing programs, Kabel Digital Home’ offer (1), such as TNT series by TNT Serie HD.

Kabel Digital Home remains parallel to Kabel Digital Home HD are made

Customers are not interested in HDTV or any HD-enabled devices may continue to use unchanged or book the digital program package Kabel Digital Home ‘in SD quality. , Kabel Digital Home ‘remains parallel to the new program package Kabel Digital Home HD’ exist. Both program packages have a contract term of 12 months and are available from 12,90 € per month subscription. The two software packages do not differ in price.The program package Kabel Digital Home HD replaces the beginning of November, introduced HD option. Existing customers who have booked the HD option, can the new program package Kabel Digital Home HD ‘Change. The contract period begins again in this case. Interested customers can contact the free customer service hotline – call (0800 27 87 000) and look for advice on the best offers for them.

Which local HDTV equipment required by the cable customer?

For HDTV reception, the cable subscribers need an HD TV with the logo of ‘HD Ready’ or ‘Full HD’ and an HD-capable receiver or a CI + module. The customers have to decide depending on the product selection, the possibility to choose between a Digital HD Video Recorder (HD DVR), a HD receiver (Humax NA-HD2000C) or a CI + module for integrated TV sets. With the HD digital video recorder from Sagemcom, it is possible to stop running programs, and to repeat scenes and record up to 200 hours of programming – except for copy-protected programs such as Select Kino, redXclub. With its four tuners, customers can simultaneously watch a program and record up to three programs.

kabel digital tv

Kabel Digital TV

Transmitter descriptions of the new HD channels

FOX HD : is the station for series fans. Here you can see only top international series such as Lost, Medium, Law & Order, Mad Men, The West Wing or Drop Dead Diva – many long before they get away with the motto “First on Fox” German premiere in the Free TV.

National Geographic Channel HD : provides intelligent and innovative television for people who want to know more of the world. A trip to the most exciting places of our planet – from the most remote and exotic places, to the centers of modernity.

SPORT1 + HD : pure sports action – you cheer on: SPORT1 + HD shows, among other things, the National Football League (NFL), the TOYOTA Handball-Bundesliga and the Basketball Bundesliga, Euro League Basketball, Volleyball CEV Champions League, European Basketball Championships 2011 and the Ice Hockey World Championships in 2011, top motor sport with the Motorcycle World Championship MotoGP, as well as top international football with the English, Italian and French cup competitions.

Syfy HD : Your key to boundless imagination, sensational adventures and great entertainment. Syfy HD takes you on your own amazing journey to unexplained phenomena, exciting stories – pure and emotions. Experience with exclusive series and big blockbusters in spectacular HD resolution, which you have never felt or seen!More action, more adventure, more fantasy, more mystery – and of course more of that with which it all began, Science Fiction. Syfy HD – Imagine Greater!

TNT HD movie : BIG SCREEN – now available in HD!

The movie channel TNT HD movie shows great masterpieces of film history – memorably filmed moments like Casablanca, cult movies like Back to the Future and blockbusters such as Gladiator, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship or American Gangster.

TNT Serie HD : Daily CONSEQUENCES – now available in HD!

The serial transmitter TNT Serie HD shows daily series highlights – from well-known and popular formats such as ER, Gilmore Girls, Monk and Two and a Half Men to Germany premieres such as 30 Rock, Boardwalk Empire, Friday Night Lights, Big Love and Rescue Me A reliable programming with a very low repetition rate is distinguished from the transmitter.

(1) Kabel Digital Home is a digital package of cable Germany with more than 35 TV and 30 radio stations. From 12,90 € a month it offers programs in the fields of Documentation & Information, Movies & Shows, entertainment, sports, kids, music and eroticism. This package is included in many product offerings with free months and special termination. is a website that collects various types of cables from various sources on the Internet. There are Kabel Deutschland, BW, HDMI, TV, USB, Receiver, DSL Speedtest


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