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The Best Kabel Deutschland HD

HomeCable HD is a brand to display the format High Definition ( HD ) in HomeCable. HomeCable HD ( previously called First HD ) was launched on 1 September 2010 and became the first cable television service in Indonesia using the format High Definition (HD). HomeCable HD 1080i format HD images with a 16:9 aspect ratio and Dolby Digital Plus audio formats. To be able to receive HD display, customers need a HD decoder and TV ( HDTV ) that supports HDMI input. To date there are 53 HD channels HD channels 3D + 1.

HD channels are displayed :

1. Cartoon Network HD
2. Cartoonito HD
3. Nat Geo HD
4. Nat Geo Wild HD
5. Nat Geo People HD
6. Discovery HD World
7. History Channel HD
8. Biography Channel HD
9. Aniplus HD
10. Star World HD
11. AXN HD
12. FOX HD
13. FOX Crime HD
14. Crime & Investigation Network HD
15. Warner TV HD

HomeCable use of digital technology in the broadcast channel . This technology is a technology previously used by Digital1. Digital signals are used by the standards of the Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB).

Kabel HD Technology
Previously, Kabelvision (predecessor HomeCable) using an analog system, the cable directly connected to the antenna cable at home and all the televisions that can connect directly enjoy TV service subscription. Since 2006, Kabelvision no longer develop an analog system , and gradually replace the existing analogue network to digital. Every TV should have one each decoder function receives the signal from the center to send it to a television that is used to service HomeCable.


The Best Kabel Deutschland HD

Kabel HD Receiving Equipment
Receiving equipment wears a digital decoder. This tool is used to receive DVB digital broadcast center and displays them on a TV customers. First Media decoder using the Conditional Access System / CAS from Nagravision for its access control system. First Media decoder HD using Samsung SMT – C5050, which has the capability of impressions SD & HD reception, service Video – on-Demand and Digital Recording feature and Time shifting. To connect the TV decoder can use RCA or HDMI connection. Decoder can also be connected to a speaker system ( amplifier ) using HDMI or SPDIF connection. Gradually SD decoder (Eastern Digital SE – 830 , HSC – 5172NA Hyundai , Samsung SMT – C1050 ) will be replaced with the HD decoder ( Samsung SMT – C5050 ).

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