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Kabel Deutschland: All Digital Radio Programs (ARD) available

Kabel Deutschland has optimized the digital cable network and distributed from May 25, 2010, all 61 digital radio stations of the ARD in improved quality on the S41 channel (center frequency D466). In addition, as of Tuesday, the public TV programs BR-alpha and SR-TV can be received on the new digital channel space S41 (center frequency D466).

BR-alpha leaves on May 25, its old channel space S02 (center frequency D113). The SR-TV was available to digital so far also only on the region’s channel space S32 (center frequency D394). The new digital channel space S41, the SR-television can now be seen in full digital cable network cable from Germany. The list of German radio programs that are distributed in the digital kabel internet, is located in the appendix. In order to receive all television and radio programs on the new channel space S41 (center frequency D466) again, a channel scan is necessary from May 25. This must be started manually if necessary.

Kabel Deutschland Internet

Kabel Deutschland Internet

If no TV in the living room with built-in digital receiver (IDTV) is to receive the digital TV and radio channels ARD a digital receiver is required.

Please note: The full text of this press release is available in German only.

  • All 61 digital ARD radio stations to channel S41 (D466) receivable
  • SR-TV from 25 May cord Germany-wide in digital cable network
  • BR-alpha changes digital channel space is a website that collects various types of cables from various sources on the Internet. There are Kabel Deutschland, BW, HDMI, TV, USB, Receiver, DSL Speedtest


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