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Kabel Deutschland Customer Portal

On the cable Germany customer portal can manifest also email or contact her your concerns. For registration is required. To register in the customer portal, you will need a username and an email address. In addition, a is initial password query that came to you by mail in the order confirmation. So you will find it in the cable-Germany-documents. Did you this is not at hand, you get the option, the MAC address entered. It is under your cable modem on an attached cable Germany sticker. By registering you forgive you a password. With this password and your e-mail address (optional customer number) you come to quality control in the internal customer.

Kabel Deutschland Customer Portal

Kabel Deutschland Customer Portal

Channel Line

Cable Germany has about 100 digital channels, of which more than 16 HD channels already with cable Germany digital case. To experience the private free-TV channels also in HD, you can also book on the HD-TV option. In the range of options HD Extra to another 18 TV channels show, in addition to 100 digital channels. These include pay TV channel from Disney, Animax, MTV or kabel eins classics.

Kabel Deutschland Stations

The channels currently exist with cable Germany in the offer, you can, by accessing the Channel Line cable Germany experienced. Who would dare to compare the KDG deals with the transmitters of other cable providers, may be on the TV list around. Here you can find from cable Germany, Unity Media, Kabel BW, Tele Columbus and PrimaCom listing of stations by category and language.

Where and how cable Germany received?

The cable network in Germany is divided, with the largest suppliers fill most regions. Cable Germany is as mentioned above represented in almost every state. But to offer whether you at the cable operator’s services and what the will (not everywhere, for example, Select is video available), you can via cable Germany Availability Check out fairly quickly. With 100 digital channels, numerous HD channels and a private on-demand offering cable Germany is well positioned. In addition, Internet landline and wireless service provider, provided a fee. Below you will find the offers at a glance (as of July 2014). First, we introduce you to the TV packages before we then respond to the individual cable deals.

The TV packages

The next three quotations are as pure TV packages, in which a cable connection from cable Germany provided is. This can apply in tenements, where to the rent of the cable is paid. Would these tenants in addition to the already offered and paid cable relating a TV package, following TV packages are possible.

Cable-based HD

In cable-based HD are all base stations include: 32 analog and up to 100 digital TV channels and the following HD channels : Sat.1 HD, ZDF HD, kabel eins HD, RTL HD, RTL II HD, Super RTL HD, VOX HD, HSE 24 HD, arte HD, the first HD, ProSieben HD, Servus TV HD, Sixx HD, Tele 5 HD, Sport1 HD, RTL nitro HD. The package costs (excluding costs for cable connection) 3.99 euros per month. At initial recognition are the transmitters of diversity-HD package for two months included. After two months, the diversity-HD package costs 10 euros extra. In the first four weeks of this package can be canceled anytime. This package is worth for renters who only have a digital cable service and no HD cable in rent or in additional costs. Since 2013 only HD-cable connection is offered for new customers, so this package is from this period included.

Diversity HD

The diversity-HD package can in addition to the basic package can be booked. It includes 18 additional HD transmission r, namely: History HD, Planet HD, Spiegel TV Knowledge HD, National Geography HD, 13th Street HD, AXN HD, Fox HD, TNT glitz HD, Sport 1+ HD, Kinowelt TV HD , Romance HD, SyFy HD, TNT film HD, TNT Serie HD, Sport1 HD, Boomerang HD, Cartoon Network HD and Universal HD channel. The package costs with terminal 9.99 euros per month. For 10 euros you get it every month, if you do this book as a trial membership in the basic package as an option and are willing to use to free two months. is a website that collects various types of cables from various sources on the Internet. There are Kabel Deutschland, BW, HDMI, TV, USB, Receiver, DSL Speedtest


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