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Kabel Deutschland builds fiber backbone

A glass-fiber-based ring network (so-called backbone) will in future connect all regional network nodes of the kabel TV network, Kabel Deutschland together. To this end, the company invested in 2011 and 2012 further into the broadband cable network. Through this network, the program will ensure supply to the regional networks in the future. The hitherto used for satellite capacity is then no longer necessary. Thus, the network operator also reduces the effort of maintaining the analogue TV offering in the cable after the switch-off of analogue satellite transmission on 30 April 2012.,



The necessary for multimedia services such as Internet and telephone traffic is then over the ring network realized. Since almost all locations are connected via two paths to the ring-like network, an even higher availability is guaranteed. So the cable network is prepared for all future requirements of a modern TV and telecommunications network and the technological competitiveness against other infrastructures and networks expanded.

Smaller networks are connected to large node

in the first step of the project smaller networks are merged with adjacent larger kabel internetIn each smaller network that changes the assignment of the analog television and radio programs. It then applies the existing program assignment of the larger network. During the Umschaltarbeiten it comes to short interruptions of television and radio reception. In order to receive all analogue channels again after the conversion, possibly a channel scan is required. The digital program offer remains unchanged.

Analog programming, remains

cable customers are not affected by the shutdown of analogue satellite TV on 30 April 2012. Cable Germany will continue to offer analog cable TV to their customers after this date. The company will then convert the signals offered only in digital quality into analog signals, and further feed into the grid. This is already common practice in the supply of some stations such as The Fourth, CNN and Comedy Central. The cable customer does not notice a signal conversion, but looks as usual its analog television.

Information for remapping and the current analog channel assignment can customers for their address under the specially decorated Link / kanalumbelegung the Internet to query. Information on services provided by cable Germany is available online at, the Service Center’s toll-free phone number 0800/27 87 000 or at an authorized dealer. In case of reception interference to cable customers contact our technical customer service by also free number 0800/52 666 25 is a website that collects various types of cables from various sources on the Internet. There are Kabel Deutschland, BW, HDMI, TV, USB, Receiver, DSL Speedtest


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