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Kabel Broadband network supplies inhabitants of WG

Cable Germany (KD) is now taking a new broadband network for about 6,300 dwellings of housing co-operative “UNIT” eG Chemnitz in operation. Thus the residents have access to a powerful communications infrastructure, whose capacity is not only current needs, but also for future developments in the multimedia market is ready. Analog and digital television in high quality and diversity as well as broadband Internet and telephone can be used from now on their cable connection, members and tenants.

Modern communications infrastructure increases Wohnwert
With a symbolic pressure on the “red button” took Matthias Clement, Head of Key Account Management wholesale / housing industry with cable Germany together with the bureau housing industry / construction of the WG “UNIT” Heiko Richter and Jürgen Steinert, Head of Technology and Development at TKI, the new broadband network in operation. In March 2010, the WG “UNIT” signed a contract with cable Germany to supply their homes with multimedia services. “With the re-allocation of the benefits we can bring about an improvement of the media supply our apartments. This increases the quality of living for members and tenants. In addition, we were able to negotiate attractive long-term rates, “says Roswitha Kühnel, Commercial Director / CEO of WG” UNIT “.


Glass fibers bring multimedia offers to the home
To connect the Cooperative Housing to the broadband network of cable Germany, around 17 km of new cable 10 Kabelverzweigerschränke and 140 new house delivery points were installed, built. This cable Germany is the first time to a network, in which fiber optic cables transmit the signals from the headend Chemnitzer the company up to the building entry points in the buildings. In the houses then conduct conventional coaxial house distribution signals to the apartments on. Planning and construction lay in the hands of the Chemnitz company TKI Tele cable Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH. TKI realized the project despite the recent winter conditions within a short time schedule and in high quality.

Included in the price Digital reception
The necessary reconstruction of the house distribution has the WG “UNIT” funded by decision of the Management Board and Supervisory Board itself and commissioned cable Germany over a work contract with the construction work. By investing the cooperative a very low monthly price for the Kabel TV coverage was achieved for the members and tenants. In the ten-year contract period arise savings of around seven million euros for members and tenants. The price which is paid on the operating costs, and the required smart card for the reception of encrypted digital programs is included. To start in the world of digital TV customers need only have a suitable receiver, the so-called digital receiver. Customers can even choose between simple SD to HD-enabled digital receivers. For modern TV sets with integrated digital receiver and CI + interface provides cable Germany also a suitable CI + module. In addition to 32 analogue TV and 29 FM radio programs customers are no monthly fees more than 100 digital TV and over 70 digital radio stations available. The HD channels Das Erste HD, ZDF HD and Arte HD are included in the digital offering. Additional TV channels, including more HD programming, can be booked anytime add Subscription.

Internet and telephone via TV cables are inexpensive alternative
Far more than one million customers already use cable Internet & phone of cable Germany. They especially appreciate the good price-performance ratio and the extensive services during installation. The Internet offers cable Germany is currently at speeds of up to 32 Mbit / s. This is in the top two times faster than Kabel DSL with 16 MBit / s via the telephone line. Meanwhile, customers can surf up to 100 Mbit / s fast on the Internet in many cities even. This rate is expected by end-2012 are available in almost all Internet expansion areas available. All Internet rates include a flat rate for unlimited surfing pleasure. The attractive package deals consisting of an internet flatrate and a telephone with two lines included flatrate to German landlines are currently in demand by cable Germany customers most, because here there are the best saving potential.

Analogue television continue in cable
It is the declared aim of cable Germany, to convince more and more customers of the advantages of digital television and thus the digital use of further advance. Cable Germany but is maintained in the interest of customers for many years to a wide range of programs in parallel analog to digital television. The necessary bandwidth is available in the cable. There is no legal obligation to adjust the analog cable television. The planned adjustment of the analogue satellite distribution in 2012 has no effect on the analog cable reception. is a website that collects various types of cables from various sources on the Internet. There are Kabel Deutschland, BW, HDMI, TV, USB, Receiver, DSL Speedtest


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