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First DVB-C2 Field Test Completed Successfully: Up to 60% more Capacity in Digital Cable Networks

Kabel Deutschland (KD) has successfully performed DVB-C2 transmission tests in its Berlin cable network (CATV). The second generation DVB transmission standard DVB-C2 was published by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) just five months ago named EN 302 769. During the Berlin tests DVB-C2 modulated HDTV signals were transmitted on channel D562 together with other analogue and digital services in the fully loaded Berlin cable network. The highlight of those tests was the successful transmission of 1024-QAM and even 4096-QAM constellations, the most complex and spectrum efficient configurations of the new DVB-C2 cable standard, in a fully loaded 862 MHz kabel internet.

The DVB-C2 standard was developed by the international DVB project team and joins the family of the second generation DVB broadcast transmission systems. The worldwide implemented DVB transmission systems of the first generation (DVB-S, DVB-C and DVB-T) are being used in more than 500 million end user devices.


Kabel Deutschland Shares Placed

“The major advantage of DVB-C2 is the excellent spectrum efficiency and its flexibility and granularity of solutions for all kind of CATV networks“, said Lorenz Glatz, Chief Technology Officer at Kabel Deutschland. „The key build-ing blocks of DVB-C2 are the new modulation scheme (COFDM) and the powerful Forward Error Correction (FEC) system (LDPC). With DVB-C2 we will be able to significantly extend our digital offering, both for broadcasting and eventually for IP based services as well. In optimized networks DVB-C2 will allow to extend the theoretical maximum downstream capacity for 862MHz from 5 Gbit/s today to up to 8 Gbit/s.“

  • Kabel Deutschland successfully completed tests of second generation DVB cable transmission system DVB-C2 in Berlin
  • Test demonstrated DVB-C2’s capability to deliver more digital TV channels and even faster Internet access in the same spectrum

“DVB-C2 receiver chips are currently developed by different silicon vendors. We would like to thank the DVB partners DekTec, Sony and the Technische Universitaet Braunschweig, who have provided prototype DVB-C2 modulator and demodulator equipment for these first tests in Kabel Deutschland’s network. These promising test results confirm our decision to start the introduction of DVB-C2 for the benefit of our customers as soon as possible”, Christoph Schaaf, Vice President New Technologies and Standards of KD, added. “We expect that the first customer premises equipment (CPE) with combined DVB-C2/DVB-C tuners will be available by mid 2011. The DVB-C2 standard enhances our already very capable infrastructure and makes even larger product offerings possible.” is a website that collects various types of cables from various sources on the Internet. There are Kabel Deutschland, BW, HDMI, TV, USB, Receiver, DSL Speedtest


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