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Device for internet and telephone services

The multimedia center for home: With the new HomeBox of cable Germany customers can easily build a modern home network with just one device. Because the powerful AVM FRITZ! Box 6360 Cable offers the opportunity to super fast to surf the Internet, to use analog, ISDN or IP telephones comfortable and save multimedia content centrally and flexibly access them. This is particularly useful for households with multiple PCs, laptops, telephones, printers, smart phones or pads because all these devices can be networked via the HomeBox. ! Since the AVM FRITZ! Box 6360 Cable already has an integrated cable modem, it plugs directly into the internet and telephone connection attach – without additional equipment and additional cables. Thanks to four Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, customers can use the multifunction device is now also for their high-speed Internet connections. The “100 Mbit / s packages” of cable Germany are due to the high performance at the same time particularly well suited for a home network with many users. All new customers of Internet and phone packages the company will have the opportunity to use the HomeBox for only five euros per month in addition during the contract period.


An important step in the networked future – and in their own homes
“We have the new HomeBox developed in collaboration with the Berlin communications specialist AVM-. We know that many of our customers have more and more devices that access the Internet. Therefore, a simple and smart networking at home is becoming increasingly important, “said Levent Demirörs, director of product management Internet and telephony with cable Germany. “With the new HomeBox our customers receive an all-rounder, the Internet, telephony and multimedia together.” By the fall of appropriate offers are also planned for customers who have already booked an internet and telephone connection with kabel deutschland.

Use all phones: analogue, ISDN and the latest IP generation
In addition to two analog phones can also connect up to eight ISDN telephones to the HomeBox thanks to the integrated telephone system. Cordless phones can be used also: Because there is a DECT base station for up to six DECT handsets. In addition, customers have the ability to fax and IP phones to use. With the HomeBox two persons in the household can make calls simultaneously. The available numbers – at least three, maximum ten – can also assign the connected telephones. A number portability is possible. Other well-known ISDN features such as caller ID or the conference call are available for all connected phones. Customers without a fax machine can be forwarded with the HomeBox faxes via email. It is also possible thanks to the integrated answering machine function to send voice messages to an email address.

Easy and quick wirelessly surf the Internet
Customers can surf the HomeBox convenient and fast wireless Internet – with all devices in the home such as a laptop, PC, smart phone or pad simultaneously. Thanks to an integrated wireless router with N-standard data between HomeBox and PC are transmitted super fast. The standard WPA2 ensures a high transmission security. In addition, a firewall for protection against Internet attacks part of HomeBox.

Networked Living: Save photos centrally and flexibly Watch
The Homebox has a USB port to connect a printer or storage media like external hard disks. Thus, it can be set up that all laptops or smart pads use a printer. In addition, users can access at any time of all these devices in the apartment of the stored files, photos or videos and view them for example on a web-enabled televisions. In addition, the device offers a Virtual Private Network (VPN) function: This enables customers to the go to access your files.

Turn on and start
Especially convenient: Service technicians close the HomeBox at the time of establishment of the free Internet and telephone connection, so that customers can make calls and surf the Internet immediately. Users then have the option of easy to set up custom settings, such as number assignment itself. is a website that collects various types of cables from various sources on the Internet. There are Kabel Deutschland, BW, HDMI, TV, USB, Receiver, DSL Speedtest


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