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Definition and Functions of USB Kabel

USB Kabel – Definition: the USB cable is a stranded cable is used to connect external devices to the CPU or into the computer. The USB cable has two ends are at one end of a USB socket that will be plugged into the USB port on the computer and the other end has a socket adapter or manifold, ranging from the HDMI connector, VGA, or connect directly to external devices.

USB cable that functions as the name implies is a USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, point to transmit data from portable devices outside into the CPU and then the data information will be further processed by a computer.

Definition and Functions of USB Cable

USB is a serial bus standard for connecting devices, usually to computers but also used in other devices such as game consoles, mobile phones and PDAs. USB system has an asymmetric design, consisting of a host controller and multiple devices connected in the form of trees by using special equipment hub.

USB Kabel

Functions of USB Kabel

USB Cable design is intended to eliminate the need for the addition of an ISA expansion card to a computer or the PCI bus, and improves the ability to plug-and-play (plug-and-play) to allow the equipment exchanged or added to the system without the need to reboot the computer. When the USB is installed, it is immediately recognized and the computer system to process the necessary device drivers to run it.

USB can connect additional devices such as computer mice, keyboards, image scanners, digital cameras, printers, hard disks, and networking components. USB is now the standard for multimedia devices such as scanners and digital camera images. The USB cable has a 4 core cable or 4-wire line that each has the same function is not. One of the wires as a medium of data transmission, the other cable as a DC power source and cables as well as gounding others. That is all the discussion about the definition of a USB cable and its functions.

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