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Definition and Functions of HDMI Kabel

HDMI Kabel – Definition HDMI or High – Definition Multimedia Interface is a digital audio or video connectors in electronics device that has the function to connect the video source such as DVD players, computers, digital audio players, etc. and connect it to a receiver device for example a digital audio amplifier or LCD monitor.

Computers and electronics in many modern uses an HDMI connector are packaged in flexible cable as a link between the data source to be connected to the receiving device. HDMI Kabel supports video transmission standard to high tiungkat, and also transmissions of data in the form of multichannel digital audio through a single cable.

The Best HDMI Cabel

The Best HDMI Cabel

HDMI cables are commonly used with 19-pin type A which already support the transmission of high resolution video data. As for the type that is more tinggiu HDMI Type B has 29 pins, used for data transmission more complicated. However, this type of HDMI cable is still rarely used.

Definition and Functions of HDMI Cables

As quoted from Wikipedia sites, some companies sparked HDMI socket is renowned manufactures including Hitachi, Matsushita Electric Industrial ( Panasonic / National / Quasar ), Philips, Sony, Thomson ( RCA ), Toshiba, and Silicon Image. Price HDMI kabel itself tends to be more expensive than similar data cable , considering its use is for the purposes of more sophisticated devices . Some HDMI socket can be connected and converted into another socket VGA socket for example , PS3 , USB , DVI , etc. .

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