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Why Choose Kabel Deutschland Germany

Welcome to Kabel Deutschland Germany

If you want to make things happen, then Kabel Deutschland is the place for you: Exciting tasks and excellent career opportunities await you at the leading German cable operator.

Attractive compensation & benefits
It is our strong conviction that satisfied employees are the source and driving force of the company’s innovative powers. This is why we reward our personnel’s performance with an attractive compensation package comprised of vacation allowances, a Christmas bonus, an employee savings plan, and an annual bonus. Other benefits include a long-term, employer-financed pension fund and a flex-time policy that lets you strike the right balance between job and family commitments.

Kabel Deutschland Germany

Kabel Deutschland Germany

Corporate culture of open communication
As we see it, job satisfaction has a lot to do with keeping up a spirited dialog. So our corporate culture is built on open communication. Everyone at Kabel Deutschland has something to say and ample opportunities to say it. All managers are appraised by their team members in feedback reports. Regular one-on-one meetings, where the employee and supervisor exchange feedback and set the targets for the year, also keep communication lines open and information flowing.

Excellent career opportunities
Professional development is a top priority at Kabel Deutschland. We support your efforts to hone your job skills. Our motto: Expect and encourage. Striving to blend the deep insight of insiders with the fresh outlook of outsiders, we fill leadership positions with internal and external specialists. At Kabel Deutschland, there is always a way to get ahead regardless of when and from where you join our team.

Fast integration
We understand that joining a new company also means dealing with many changes. Fast and focused integration is the best way to get you off to a great start, so we have put in place a host of measures designed to bring new employees on board. For starters, there is a one-day orientation that gets you acquainted with the tasks and responsibilities of different business units as well as with new colleagues in other departments. Come and join Kabel Deutschland. It’s a move that pays.

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