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Kabel Internet for more cities in the north of Germany

Sustainable high-speed Internet for approximately 136,000 new households in the north of Germany: from 29 April provides cable Germany (KD) in Oldenburg and Rastede (Niedersachsen) ... Continue Reading →

Kabel 100 Mbit/s for another one million households

Sustainable super-fast Internet for more than 1 million new households: from 23 March provides cable Germany (KD) in Augsburg, Leipzig, Ludwigshafen, Nauen and Nuremberg Internet connections ... Continue Reading →

High Speed Kabel Internet at even more favorable prices

Reduced prices for high-speed Internet: up to 100 Mbit / s (100,000 kbit / s) can surf the web new customers with cable Germany now already for 19.90 euros per month. After the minimum ... Continue Reading →

How To Reduce your mobile costs

Ready for spring: The new mobile action of cable Germany customers can save around 88 euros and so reduce their mobile costs. After all, who added an Internet connection and telephone ... Continue Reading →
Kabel Deutschland Internet

Kabel Deutschland : 100 Mbit / s for Berlin and Saarbruecken

Kabel Deutschland : Surfing with up to 100 Mbit / s on the Internet: Immediately offers cable Germany (KD) in Berlin and Saarbrücken high-speed Internet at. Around 1.8 million households ... Continue Reading →

Kabel Deutschland successfully tests 1 Gbit/s

Kabel Deutschland (KD) successfully achieved a download speed of 1,170 Mbit/s (1,17 Gbit/s) with the television cable network as the first cable operator world-wide. In conjunction ... Continue Reading →
Kabel Deutschland Feed Kabel HDTV

Kabel TV : High Speed ​​Internet for calbe

Kabel Deutschland modernized the Calbenser TV cable network. The investments the transmission capacity of the network is increased. At the same time, the necessary conditions for ... Continue Reading →

Special Offer Mobile Phone: Save up to € 65

New winter campaign: mobile customers can save around 65 euros with kabel deutschland. Who adds the Internet and telephone connection of the company with the mobile phone tariff Mobile ... Continue Reading →
Kabel Deutschland Operational Performance

Kabel Internet : New Internet Flatrate Saves Expenses

Internet and telephone services at a great price: Immediately there is a new, effective product for cable Germany. Surf monthly for only 19.90 Euro bonus up to 6 Mbit / s fast on the ... Continue Reading →

Kabel Deutschland offers internet flatrate for mobile phones

Kabel Deutschland The mobile Internet makes it possible: The World Cup will take place not only in South Africa but also wherever the fans are. Just in time for the World Cup offers ... Continue Reading →