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HD receiver and video recorder from Kabel Deutschland

  With a package at Kabel Deutschland you can decide whether you want to book the receiver for your package or if you would rather buy your own cable receiver or VCR for your programs. ... Continue Reading →
Kabel Deutschland Customer Portal

Kabel Deutschland Customer Portal

On the cable Germany customer portal can manifest also email or contact her your concerns. For registration is required. To register in the customer portal, you will need a username ... Continue Reading →

Kabel HDTV: Kabel Deutschland Adds Sky Sport HD 2

Ab heute erweitert Kabel Deutschland (KD) das Kabel HDTV-Programmangebot um den Sender Sky Sport HD 2 von Sky Deutschland. Dieses HD-Programm wird in Ausbaugebieten auf dem Kanal D626 ... Continue Reading →
kabel digital tv

Kabel Deutschland Introduces “Kabel Digital Home HD”

Kabel Deutschland : As of today, six HD FOX HD, National Geographic Channel HD, SPORT1 + HD, Syfy HD, TNT HD and TNT Serie HD movie in the digital program package Kabel Digital Home ... Continue Reading →
FIFA World Cup on Public TV

Kabel Deutschland offers HDTV: What soccer fans need to know

Kabel Deutschland – Just in time for the World Cup are the HDTV programs of public broadcasters throughout the television kabel internet cable from Germany. Well football fans, ... Continue Reading →
Kabel Deutschland Germany

Kabel Internet : Program Changes in Berlin’s Cable Net

In the period from April 27 to 28 Kabel Deutschland changes for technical reasons the program assignment in for Kabel Internet and Phone modernized Berlin cable networks. The change ... Continue Reading →
FIFA World Cup on Public TV

Kabel HD : FIFA World Cup on Public TV in HD for all Cable Customers

Please note: the full text of this press release is available in German only. Customers need Kabel HD receiver and HD television Digital television and radio programs with new channel ... Continue Reading →

Kabel HD, KDG Explains What’s Needed to Watch the Olympic Winter Games 2010 in HD Quality

Please note: The full text of this press release is available in German only. How is Olympia razor sharp? What equipment do you need? The most important questions and answers about ... Continue Reading →

The Best Kabel Deutschland HD

HomeCable HD is a brand to display the format High Definition ( HD ) in HomeCable. HomeCable HD ( previously called First HD ) was launched on 1 September 2010 and became the first ... Continue Reading →